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08/8/2015 23:10:08

The Kore Effects

High-Quality MP3/LED Lighting/Prop Controller.
Backed by 2 year warranty.

High Quality MP3 Playback

The Kore Effects is capable of playing back MP3 audio files. Data is read from an on-board SD card, and played back using a dedicated on-board chip. Our high-speed controllers are capable of playing back MP3 files at any data rate!

Powered By 40-Watt Amplifier

A 40-watt amplifier is built-in to the controller to power simple audio applications in the field. When additional power is required, the auxiliary output can be used to bypass the amplifier.

Built-in LED Effects

The Kore Effects comes with a fade, strobe, and candle flicking effect built-in! These effects can be programmed into a scene using the on-board buttons, or using our KoreLink software. All effects are highly customizable!

Easy to Customize Effects

The effects available with the Kore Effects can easily be customized when building a scene with the KoreLink software. Various effects can be configured to play on different channels of the controller at the same time.

Optically-Isolated Input

The input allows you to connect an external device to trigger pre-programmed scenes/actions on the controller! The input is optically-isolated to protect your device from devices with unexpected behavior.

Eight Outputs

The Kore Effects features 4 solid-state outputs with built-in LED Lighting effects. Additionally, four more solid-state outputs can be added for additional digital (on/off) prop control. AC and 10A relay packs can be plugged into any output channel to provide higher current.

Powerful Core

The Kore Effects was built with a lot of processing power, allowing additional features to be used by advanced users. For example, multiple scenes can be played back on the Kore Effects at the same time, allowing you to fully utilize all outputs!

No Moving Parts

The Kore Effects has no moving parts built-in to the controller! This significantly reduces the risk of failure for the controller, allowing it to outlast any of our competitors! We literally guarentee it will last for years!

Ships with KoreOS

The Kore Effects ships with our proprietary KoreOS. KoreOS is an operating system built by Licensed 2 Scare engineers to perform only the tasks the controller requires, in an efficient, and safe manor. This allows the controller to run for years without requiring any maintenence or reboots!

High Capicity

A micro SD card slot is built-in to the Kore Effects, allowing you to store years worth of audio and scene files! It recognizes any SD card that has been formatted using the FAT32 file system.

Easy Configuration

The entire controller can be configured by simply inserting an SD card that has been configured using our KoreLink software. The software walks you through the configuration in a simple step-by-step guide, then writes the appropriate file structure to your SD card!